The UNI_FORM Design Studio


THE UNI_FORM Design Studio is the collaboration of 2 graphic designers – Wutthipat Somjit and Pariwat A-nantachina. The duo met in Fine and Applied Arts Bangkok University. After graduation, both of them shared the same uniforms and work together at Practical Design Studio for 2 years, then headed off to find new experiences in their own way and took on different uniforms. Wutthipat worked for the international acclaim magazine – Wallpaper*. Pariwat joined a big corporation – King Power International, while continued to work on his personal art on the side. Their paths mets again at Bangkok University where they have become a special lecturers. This reunion led to a decision to establish their studio where they once again wear the same uniform. At UNI_FORM, they share the same simple principal – the design flexibility needs to be easy to wear and have good ventilation.